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Requesting Bearer token - user/pass?

Hi, do we use our account username and password to request a bearer token? I have tried and it says my credentials are invalid.

Obtaining media stream via API call

I had a question about API method usage. I am trying to obtain participant's media stream via the function below: const participants = api.call.participants(); const firstParticipant = participants[0]; const mediaStream = api.call.getMediaForParticipant(firstParticipant.id); console.log(mediaStream); What do I need to do in order to get back the JSON object from this API call? What sort of files and setup do I need to make this work?

Accessing the video stream

How would I use https://coviu.readme.io/docs/api-object#apicallgetmediaforparticipant to take the video stream for processing?

Inline SVG / Icon

How to add inline icon / svg ?

Store data and hide from users

Does Coviu provide any storage space, besides the settings, that is only accessible via the plugin? I want to store some call data, but don't want to handle securing it.

Store, Read and Update data

How to store, read, and update data into data collections, so they are accessible by team admins only?

Pass data from drawer to resource

How should data be passed from a drawer to a resource on the guest side?

Transferring files from host to peers

How do we transfer files from host to peers?

Access settings in a call

How do you access the settings in a call within the plugin?